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Freeman Heights is a church that worships God in every aspect of life. Our worship style is a blend of the teaching of traditional music and the celebration of modern music.  We’d love to have you join us Sundays here at FHBC.
SUN 10:45AM
Freeman Heights has a passion to see people grow in grace and knowledge of Christ.  We believe that God’s Word holds the key to His will and purpose for our lives.  We have studies for all ages, from our preschoolers to the most seasoned adults.  Join us.
SUN 9:45AM | SUN 6:00PM | WED 6:00PM
Our Purpose: Worship
We strive to see generations of believers give everything they have, everything they are, and everything they try to be up to God in an attitude of worship for who God is.
Our Purpose: Serve
We want to lead believers into a lifestyle of service, not just to the church but the world around them as well, always looking to Christ as the ultimate example of servanthood.
Our Purpose: Grow
We long to see believers grow in faith and knowledge of Christ, growing into a lasting relationship with the One who has saved them and a yearning for others to know Him like they do.